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When it comes to roofing, you should NEVER cut corners to try and save money. At Weathershield Roofing, we only install our roofs one way, the right way. We first start by removing all layers of roofing materials so we can inspect your roof decking. We then make all repairs to your plywood decking by removing any rotten boards and replace them with new ones. Once that is done, we then start the GAF Golden Pledge roofing system process which includes the following: Install ice and water shield on your eaves to meet local building codes.

We also install the ice and water shield in the valley's, up the rakes, around the hips and ridges and around all roof penetrations such as pipe boots and skylights all for added protection. We then install roof vents to meet the local building code ventilation requirements. We then install all new pipe boots and flashing's if possible. After this process, we install synthetic underlayment as roof deck protection and valley metal if applicable. Once these steps are completed, we begin the installation with starter shingles that are installed not only along the eaves but also up the rakes of your roof. Now it's time for the shingles to be installed.

We install 6 fasteners per shingle to enhance the wind warranty up to 130 mph. The average roof takes one day to install. Some roofs that are very large or steep can take two to three days to finish. You will be informed by the sales associate how long the process will take. After the shingles are installed, the clean up begins. We do our very best to leave your property in the very same condition it was before we started. We use a large rolling magnet that sweeps your entire yard to pick up any nails. Once everything is complete, we inspect your project and sign off on it's completion.


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