25 Jun 2020

Hail storms are one of the leading contributors towards roof damage. The impact of a hailstone can cause shingles to crack, and cracks in your roof can lead to water leaking into your home. Hail damage to a roof can be extremely detrimental to a home’s safety, but luckily is usually covered by home insurance.

Hail can cause punctures, divots, and curling issues to a roof, issues that may not immediately be apparent to someone who isn’t a professional in the field. That’s why it’s extremely important to have a roof inspection after a serious hail storm so that you are aware of any damage that may have occurred. WeatherShield’s roof inspections are always free, professional, and highly informative.

If after a roofing inspection, damage is found, it’s important to file a claim with your home insurance company. WeatherShield will help walk you through this process. It’s important to note that filing a claim will not raise your insurance rates. An adjuster will come to your property to inspect the area and determine how to move forward. WeatherShield can work with your insurance company to assure that damages to your roof is properly assessed.

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SOURCE: Weathershield Roofing

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