26 Jun 2020

Replacing your home’s roof is an investment. And as with any investment, there are lots of financial considerations to weigh. Many home owners choose to finance their roof by paying in installments. This option is great if out-of-pocket costs are too high.

If you do have the flexibility with your savings, it is best to pay “cash,” that way you can avoid interest payments. However, this is simply not an option for many people. Instead, many choose to pay for their roof repairs with company financing.

Company financing rates through WeatherShield are determined by cost and size of the job, down payment cost, and homeowner’s credit score. By financing through us, you are given access to better interest rates for your peace of mind.

To learn more about financing your roof, please visit https://weathershieldroofing.com/financing/ or call 402-766-3776.

SOURCE: Weathershield Roofing

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