09 Jul 2020

While hail is maybe the more obvious weather event that can damage your roof, there are many more ways that you can find yourself with roof and siding damage. Storms overall, especially those with high winds, can contribute to damage to your home. Tornadoes, strong wind, rain, and other Midwest weather can wreak havoc on your home.

High Winds
Strong winds can further damage parts of your roof that may already be partially damaged, especially at the edges of your roof. If a shingle is lifted by high winds, it can cause a domino effect and rip off many shingles at once.

Branches and other debris can be extremely dangerous to your roof, factoring in the size and weight of the debris and speed of the wind. Storms can sometimes be strong enough to uproot trees near your home, which could cause damage to your home. If there is damage after a storm, make sure to be mindful of debris, especially any fallen power lines.

Heavy Rain
Consistently heavy rainstorms can also damage a roof, causing shingles to curl. If rain wears down shingles consistently, it increases the likelihood of wind damage. This can leave your roof exposed and cause water damage to your home.

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SOURCE: Weathershield Roofing

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