09 Sep 2020

Some homeowners only get concerned with their roof when a hailstorm hits the area, #storm #damage isn’t just from hail. Storm damage may consist of high wind damage, damage done by debris, or even heavy rain. With high wind damage, it often happens near the edge of the #roof where strong enough winds can easily push under the shingles or in spots that may already have previous damage. If your roof has one missing #shingle it can cause a domino effect with any linked shingles causing them to rip off as well.

Other damage like debris such as branches and maybe even an uprooted tree could have fallen on your roof, depending on size and weight it could have done major damage to your roof and maybe even puncture the roof. Heavy rain that is consistently and frequent can make your shingles brittle, shingles will curl and buckle that makes them more likely to be broken in a high wind or hail storm. When you hire a local #Omaha #roofing expect they can inspect of all damages that cannot be seen from the ground they know exactly what to look for. #Weathershield Roofing will perform a full thermal imagery inspection to define the damage areas unseen by the naked eye.

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SOURCE: Weathershield Roofing

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