24 Sep 2020

When you are choosing to re-roof your home and you come to the decision of shingle here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the shingle that will protect one of your biggest investments: your home.

The 3-tab shingles are the less expensive right out the gate but will more likely cost you more in the long haul, due to them being one shape, size, and them not being as thick as the other options on the market. The 3-tab shingles are more likely to curl, crack, and break off. The 3-tab shingles are lighter weight compared to architectural shingles. Architectural shingles can come in many different designs, can copy designs such as cedar or slate. They are thicker than the traditional 3-tab shingle.

Architectural shingles have a life span that and near last 2 times a 3-tab roof, but they weigh more due to the thickness. In some cases, you may have to choose 3-tab shingles due to the dwelling not being able to bear such weight.

AAll around if you are able to get architectural shingles it is a better investment that will cost more upfront but over time the repair cost is much less than 3-tab shingles. It is best to talk to your local roofing contractor about your specific roofing needs. Call today to schedule a complimentary, hassle-free thermal inspection. Reach out to us at (402) 766-3776 or visit www.weathershieldroofing.com

SOURCE: Weathershield Roofing

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