02 Oct 2020

Knowledge is power. You should not allow your insurance company tells you what’s covered and what isn’t. Most of the homeowners don’t read the fine print of the policy until something really goes wrong and a claim needs to be filed. If you do not have a copy of the current policy, just make a quick call to your agent and request one. A paper copy or electronic file should be made available promptly, at no cost to you. Remember, read all the fine print to make sure you are 100% covered during a claim. Read your policy carefully. If the language is confusing, ask questions.

Replacement policies are more common, though they do cost more. Replacement coverage provides for returning the roof to a brand-new condition (prior to damage reported) when an event that is covered by the insurance policy takes place.

We recommend you talk to:

  • Your agent – if you have a good relationship with the person and trust them, they should be able to honestly and clearly explain your coverage. That’s their job.
  • A roofing contractor with good experience dealing with insurance claims. Call Weathershield Roofing at (402) 766-3776, tell them your issue, and ask for some advice. It’s free!

Weathershield Roofing offers a fair evaluation of your policy because they understand that giving homeowners a few minutes of their time is a proven way to save homeowners money.

Your best ally in a fight over roof repair, if it comes to that, will be Weathershield Roofing, a licensed roofing contractor. Weathershield Roofing has a stellar reputation and experience dealing with insurance claims. Weathershield Roofing always provides a free written evaluation that addresses the issues on your roof – The extent and cause of the damage and the condition of the rest of the roof. When an insurer accepts a claim, it offers the homeowner a chunk of money. It should be enough to replace your roof with materials of the same quality as the original roof including professional installation.

Here’s the warning: It is the common practice of some insurance adjusters to offer a settlement that will only pay for inferior replacement materials. Do not accept that! Weathershield Roofing will be on your side, revising the insurance estimate, also known as “scope of loss” to identify and correct any misrepresentations or low offers from your insurance company. Remember, the only money out of pocket is your deductible, nothing else.

If the insurance company’s offer won’t pay for a replacement roof of the same quality, Weathershield roofing will be your advocate. Weathershield Roofing will contact your insurer and press for more money to do the job right. This happens frequently, and it is often successful. No insurance company wants area contractors to spread the word that it won’t take care of its customers.

Having to file a claim is a wake-up call to any homeowner and a learning lesson for the future. Have your roof inspected regularly. Maintain it and make repairs as needed. If you can show that you kept your roof in good condition, and suddenly it’s a mess after a storm, you’ll have a strong case. Also ask the inspector to document the condition of your roof with pictures and a written, signed evaluation of the roof’s condition. Weathershield Roofing recommends inspections on Asphalt shingles early, once the roof is 5 years old.

The bottom line: Whether or not you’ve had a hassle getting your insurance company to give you a fair settlement, understanding the entire claim process might get your insurance company to pay for roof replacement if a future claim is necessary.

SOURCE: Weathershield Roofing

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