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Hailstones are formed by layers of water attaching and freezing in a large cloud. A frozen droplet begins to fall from a cloud during a storm, but is pushed back up into the cloud by a strong updraft of wind. When the hailstone is lifted, it hits liquid water droplets. Those droplets then freeze to […]

Financing home improvement such as roofs, siding, and windows can be a pain, but we’re here to make it easier. Weathershield Roofing offers easy financing services that can help you make fixed monthly payments without tapping into your home equity.

Roofing, by nature, entails working at an elevated status. Whether you use ladders or scaffolding to reach your roof for replacements or repairs, you are working at a higher ground. This elevation, along with the fact that homeowners don’t usually have access to professional roofing equipment, creates the risk of serious injury. Even falling from a single-story house is enough to produce life-threatening injuries. For these reasons, it’s best to leave roofing work to the professionals.

Surely it’s alright to give a little discount when financing a new roof through insurance? After all, what the insurance company doesn’t know won’t hurt them, and they will be paying most of the cost anyway. So there’s no harm in waiving the deductible, right? WRONG!

Replacing your home’s roof is an investment. And as with any investment, there are lots of financial considerations to weigh. Many home owners choose to finance their roof by paying in installments. This option is great if out-of-pocket costs are too high.