09 Sep 2020

White House #coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony #Fauci said it’s “not uncommon” to pause large human trials. “It’s really one of the safety valves that you have on clinical trials such as this, so it’s unfortunate that it happened,” he said. “Hopefully, they’ll work it out and be able to proceed along with the remainder of […]

30 Jun 2020

Roofing, by nature, entails working at an elevated status. Whether you use ladders or scaffolding to reach your roof for replacements or repairs, you are working at a higher ground. This elevation, along with the fact that homeowners don’t usually have access to professional roofing equipment, creates the risk of serious injury. Even falling from a single-story house is enough to produce life-threatening injuries. For these reasons, it’s best to leave roofing work to the professionals.