Effective Repairs for Wind, Hail & Other Storm Damage

No homeowner ever wants to experience a roofing emergency during a hail or wind storm, but sometimes mother nature has other plans. In the event of a roofing emergency, it is important to quickly get professional repairs by Weathershield Roofing in order to prevent further damage to the inside of your home.

Emergency Repairs

An emergency repair is needed when you have experienced unexpected damages with your roof, either from an accident, an act of nature such as a storm, or you have realized there is a major problem like a massive leak.

Weathershield Roofing offers emergency roof repair, and our team members of roofers are able to determine the leak location and prevent further interior damages.

Our team members are certified and trained to handle all types of residential roofs in order to help you get back to normal in no time.

Reach out to Weathershield Roofing experts at (402) 766-3776 for a full roof inspection. Need financing? Get Per-Approved now!

Roof Leak Repair

If you’ve found a severe leak in your roof, don’t delay, call Weathershield Roofing as soon as possible to get one of our certified roofers out to help you correct the leak and prevent further possible damages inside of your home.

Sometimes the reason for the roof leak isn’t as obvious as one might think. The leak may be from a damaged shingle due to a severe hail or wind storm, or it could be coming from a weakened underlayment that has been exposed to the elements and weather-beaten for months, unbeknownst to you.

That’s why Weathershield Roofing does a thorough inspection when we get called to fix a leaky roof. We are here to help you!